Our Next Sale

This coming Labor Day Weekend

Sunday and Monday, September 3 & 4, 2017 – 11am-6pm both days

Fantasy Books and Games, 2247 1st St, Livermore 1-925-449-5233

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Surprise! We’re having a sale this weekend! I KNOW! Whooda thunk? Pardon me for using most of the text from the last 2 years, but it was so Good, (plus the layout and formatting)! Like every other Labor Day for the last decade or 3, this Sunday and Monday we’ll be open, and I mean exploded-onto-the-sidewalk open, from 11-6 both days. This year, we’re serious about cleaning out the store and warehouse and are going to go the whole 9 yards (anyone know what happened to the 10th yard?) to make this a Win-Win-Win-…(repeat for everyone who shows up) situation. Read on for more details, deals, and disclaimers. Here’s our website and our FACEbook.

PLEASE, share this with friends, and get them to sign up to get the next one! Then come in and make our stuff YOUR stuff!
BTW, It’s going to be HOT this weekend, just like our pricing and intense shopping action! If you have an umbrella hat, bring it, along with your sunscreen.
And that’s not all!

The whole store will be on sale, too! Mostly. (Those of you who have visited us lately may know that we have a few unsorted piles here and there, behind the counter and beyond, and we are reserving the right to say they are off limits. I don’t know what, but Bob is reserving that right!) Anyhoo, 99% of what’s inside will be on the markdown, lowdown. Like this, in order of increasing importance (read: price reduction!)… (see disclaimer below)**

10% off “New” comics (last week up to years old, unbagged, cover price)

10% more off full boxes of cards marked down from pack pricing
20% off single packs of said cards: sports, non-sports, MTG, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and other games
20% off “old”comics in our Back Issue Bins (including  5,000+ $1 comics!)
20% off graphic novels, Japanese manga, T-Shirts, sweats and caps
20% off statues, most action figures, Funko Pops & other toys, except…
~70% Off Walking Dead Action Figs
Possibly bigger discounts outside!

And we might think of  even more specials to announce the day of the sale!
** Sorry, but No holds or layaways, or “rain checks”.
Sale prices do not add to any other coupons or posted discounts or promotions, unless specifically stated on the Sale Flyer available in store on sale days.

We’ll spend the next few days digging through the warehouse and bringing stuff over to hide in the Tardis in the back of the store until Sunday morning, when we’ll set up 9 tables on the sidewalk and fill them up with oodles of toys, action figures, Clearance Manga books (as low as $2). Anime DVD’s (as low as $1) and even VHS tapes!

[These pictures are from past sales], and you won’t necessarily see the exact same items this weekend, BUT, there will be a boat-load of stuff that has “seen the sidewalk” several times and we will Taking Offers. If you remember something from the past that you passed on, come back and try us! Be here at 11am Sunday and clean us out before someone else does!
Wait – there’s more!

If we move enough on Sunday, we’ll go get more NEW old stuff for Monday!

Above is what we sent out to our email newsletter subscribers. Click here to get the next one!

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