Welcome to Fantasy Books and Games new website

from Bob and Ralph, theTuesday (and Wednesday) guy. We’ve worked hard for over 30 years to make this the best comics, toys, games, and manga store anywhere, and to make it even better, we’ve just started this new and minty-fresh website. Right now it’s pretty basic, but we’ll make it more spiffy as time goes by. We’re working on Featured Merchandise, Next Wednesday’s comics, and of course, Free Comic Book Day pages.

Also, we are going to make a major push into getting the back issues section up to snuff by adding “new” old comics by the hundreds and then thousands. And on that note, check out the We Buy Old Comics page!

So imagine a big Under Construction sign on every page while we put this thing together! Thanks!

Speaking of construction, we’re building a mailing list so please fill in the form below, if you haven’t already, and “join the club” so we can deliver exciting and/or important news to your inbox on occasion.


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