We Love Funko Pops and Other Cuteness!


And so do you!

We’ve loaded up on Funko Pops to the point where we cut down the Manga section to make room! Depending on what’s sold out and what’s just arrived, we’re hovering at about 300 different ones! (I’m going to work on posting a list here soon!)

We also have Marvel, DC, Big Bang, Walking Dead, Despicable Me, MLPony, and other Mystery Minis, a few Legacy sets (NOT the 2 pictured below – yet), My Little Pony Vinyls, all the Fabrikations shown, Marvel, DC, and Frozen Pocket Pops, and about 3 dozen different Reaction figures, including Nightmare Before Christmas and the Universal Monster Series.


So Pop in and stock up on Pops and Other Cuteness!


A mountain of cool stuff in the Heart of Old Livermore