Merry Christmas Sale – Christmas Day from 12 to 5

Merry Christmas Sale – Christmas Day from 12 to 5

Let’s find something for that gift money!

You may know that Bob’s favorite thing to do on Christmas Day is to open the store from 12-5 and have a big sale. So for those lucky enough to be in Livermore or Dublin or Pleasanton, or however close you think is reasonable, you get to spend that stocking money on something really cool and SAVE.

Keeping this short, for those searching for this weeks comics below,  Click here for the Sale details.

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For whoever might need a reminder, or for a first-timer…

Fantasy Books and Games
2247 1st St
Livermore, CA 94550
Sun-Tue 11-6
Wed-Sat 11-7
But only 12-5 on Monday Christmas Day 2017

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