New Stuff July 15, 2015

New Releases on July 15, 2015

Whoops! I did it again! No, this is not Britney, this is Ralph the Tuesday Guy in Minnesota and I did it again. Too much birthday cake and soccer with the nieces. Sorry.  So this stuff came out yesterday.   I’ll try really hard to remember this on time next week!

Thanks to for putting together a list each week so we can borrow it. Click here to see their  list.

New #’1’s: Captain Britain and Mighty Defenders, Death Head, and that’s about it! But there are are over a dozen #2’s. You could say this is wonder Woman Week. I like this batch of DC covers so I’m going to stop adding more. And a lot more. I’m sure there are still plenty of them left by now!


(We don’t always order everything, but if it’s a Marvel, DC, or Image (and the great majority of the rest), we probably do. But, we may only order 1 or 2 of some of the titles, so we could sell out. If you are driving in, you might want to call first.)

I’ve noticed our source is not always perfect and sometimes predicts an occasional arrival a little early. Also, I don’t have all variants memorized and it occurs to me that chooses one of who knows how many to show and the one they show we may or may not get, or it may be $10 or more.

So another disclaimer is needed: comics shown on this page MAY be subject to price and availability anomalies without notice.